Flotilla by Pimoroni

This was one of my Kickstarter-backed projects, it is a set of modules that link to a Raspberry Pi. The Mega Chest kit arrived a few weeks ago, and I have not yet had time to pay with it yet.

The kit contains the following:-

The dock plugs into your Raspberry Pi with a standard USB cable and
provides eight(8) plug & play ports for connecting your flotilla modules.

You can connect to these modules

Touch sensitive pads
Rainbow strip of full-colour LED's
Two motors
Temperature/ Barometer sensor
LED matrix of cells
Numeric LED display
Light sensitive sensors
Motion sensors
Joystick control
Slider control
Potentiometer control

The kit also includes hardware to construct a line following robot + much more

I am really looking forward to using this kit with my grandson.

Before I even start to use it, this one of the most professionally produce kits I have ever received.

More information on their website - here

Follow me as I play with the kit.

Here are some images from the product

flotilla project treasure chestflotilla project treasure chest

flotilla chest openflotilla chest open

modules from the chestmodules from the chest

February 6, 2016