Chapter 1 - 1980

The year was 1980 I had just purchased the beginnings of my first computer, the Transam Tuscan it was based on the Z80 processor, with 8KB of static RAM and four EPROM sockets each of 2KB. It had the S100 bus with 5 expansion sockets.

It came as a complete kit or you could purchase the individual components. I opted to do it the hard way, component by component, so my first item was the motherboard.

Transam Tuscan MotherboardTransam Tuscan Motherboard

So it began, chip by chip until 8 months later the board was complete. I constructed a case built the power supply, borrowed a keyboard and used an old B/W TV for the monitor.

The 8KB EPROMs came with TCL basic and after a few bugs, mainly dry joints, I was up and running.

It proved to be a great learning experience and cemented my love of personal computing.

However, my affair with the Transam Tuscan did not last long, as a new love appeared on the horizon, sleeker in design, more powerful and with better graphics.

Enter the BBC Mico model B ………….. to be continued

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