Blot - Start Blogging Today

I had been thinking about starting a blog for some time.

There are plenty of platforms out there to get started quickly, problem was I wanted control of my content, and I wanted to be able to style the blog.

Then I discovered Blot and I had this blog up and running in a few hours.

Blot” links to Dropbox, for those that do not know Dropbox, it is a home for all your files, photos etc. it creates a folder on your device and anything you put in the folder gets automatically saved to the cloud, you can then view or use on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

The first 2Gb of storage is free, you can give people a private link to your documents or photos, and revoke it later if you want, it is a must for anybody who wants to share files or work remotely.

So back to Blot, it creates a folder in Dropbox and anything you put into the folder gets published on the web on your blog.

It turns images, text or HTML into posts, it has no ads and no third-party tracking.

Other features are;

Hosting included
Five themes to choose from or create you own
Use your own Domain
Supports Markdown
Built-in search engine
RSS feed
Allows Disqus Comments if you want them
You can do Draft previews before publishing

There is a small $20 a year fee, but it is well worth this small outlay.

So if you have been thinking of starting a blog, why wait, take a look at Blot

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