What does it mean to be British?

*We are a nation of hard workers.*
*We are an innovative and creative people.*
*We have a great sense of humor with a bent towards satire.*
*We revel in being  "the Mad Dogs and Englishmen."*
*We have a great sense of pride in being "British."*
*We are a caring and generous people.

As a nation we have never been satisfied with the status quo, to sit back and let other peoples and countries dictate what we should be like and do.

We have always been hard working, quirky and obstinate, but as part of the EU we were losing that individuality, we were becoming too European, we had started to adopt the manyana mentality.

To all those people who think that we have been led down the garden path by the Brixit politicians I say, you have it the wrong way round, those politicians only saw what the majority of people were thinking and saying, and so they jumped on the bandwagon.

As an engineer, I always followed the maxim, if it does not work start again, learn from our mistakes, move on and make things better.

The EU was not working, just nobody wanted to admit it, well the British people has said so, and wish to move on, let’s learn from our mistakes and make things better.

June 28, 2016