March 26, 2017

5 Minute Battery Case Hack

When prototyping it’s useful to have a power supply that can be easily switched on & off rather than just pulling a wire out of the block.

I needed an AA battery holder with a switch, looking at Amazon they cost anything between £2 & £5 including postage. However, I wondered if I had anything I could hack to do the job.

So rummaging through my box of faulty toys & electronics I found a £1 set of Christmas Led Lights from Poundland, this had a battery holder for two AAs and it had an on/off switch.

Step 1, Unsolder the existing LED cables from the case terminals.

Step 2, Snip of the jumper pins from one end of a red & black jumper wire.

Step 3, solder the red & black cables to the correct polarity terminals ( Red to + & Black to - ).

Step 4, Fit batteries and test.

Around 5 minutes work and you have switched protoyping 3V power supply.

February 4, 2017

Quick Bench Illuminated Magnifier Hack

Just when I need my old bench illuminated magnifier it packed in, it’s the old type with a ring fluorescent tube, it’s stopped working before and it’s either been the tube or the starter.

So I decide it was time to bring the thing into the age of LED.

Step 1, disconnect the tube and expose the wires, which I just terminated with a block.

Step 2, glue a strip of LEDs (bright white) to the inside of the case.

Step 3, replaced the mains plug with a 12V DC power supply plug.

Step 4, connected the wires the right way round and Hey Presto! a better Magnifier lamp.

It only took me around 30 minutes.